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I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016. I can vividly remember the moment I was diagnosed. The room was cold and dreary. Every wall was bare and white. The doctor’s voice was robotic as the words of diagnosis fell out of his mouth. “You have multiple sclerosis …” I felt my power being shifted away in that moment. The scary unknown of the disease left me feeling powerless and very afraid.  After some time I learned exactly how to take that power back. I dedicated my entire life to recovering my health . Today I am a Restorative Health Coach & Healthcare Practitioner.  I restored my health naturally and am now able to professionally help those in need. I specialize in taking your power back and guiding you to regain control of your health. I am very proudly, The Autoimmune Bully! 

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Life gave me  lemons

- I decided to take my POWER back - and make LEMONADE!”


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